Family History Hosting offers special "Archive" hosting plans designed to keep your project online for an extended time. Your project will stay online for 10 years from your last payment.

Archive plans include only minimal features: the focus is on keeping your content available online and keeping the cost as low as possible.

Archive plans have a "Setup Fee" that is nine times the yearly fee. When you stop paying the yearly fee, the funds from the setup fee extend your hosting subscription for an additional nine years. The First-Year Fee shown in the table below is a combination of the Setup Fee and the Renewal Fee.

Plans Archive I Archive II
Disk Space 400MB 800MB
Setup Fee $540.00 USD $900.00 USD
Yearly Fee $60.00 USD $100.00 USD
Order Order


If you purchase the "Archive I" plan, the initial fee is $600 USD, and that covers 10 years of hosting. On the one-year anniversary, you will receive an invoice for $60 USD. If you pay that invoice, the hosting term will be extended another year.

Date Fee Description
1 Jan 2020 $600 USD Initial payment. $60 recurring fee, and $540 for 9-year extension provides service through December 31, 2029.
1 Jan 2021 $60 USD First renewal. $60 recurring fee extends service through December 31, 2030.
1 Jan 2022 no renewal If you do not renew, either because you choose not to, or you are unable to do so, your end date is not extended. The service end date remains December 31, 2030.

Project Code

Archive plans do not use a domain name. That saves the cost of yearly domain registration. Instead, you choose a "project code", and that code is used with the domain to access your content.

For example, if you choose "example-family" as your Project Code, the URL for your site will be "".


Archive plans do not include email service.