Mail servers for the Family History Hosting system were under attack for about 30 hours starting at approximately 4AM on July 1 (US EST, UTC-4). During that time, hosting customers may have had difficulty retrieving email for domains hosted at FHH. These attacks are typically done by automated tools ("bots") that are attempting to find a way to use a mail server to send spam. The attacks flood the email services with requests and that workload can overwhelm the system.

The admins for FHH did all they could to resist the attack, but it's very difficult to fight off the bots while also processing valid requests. As a result, many customers had difficulty using FHH-based email during the attack.

There was no problem on the customer end, so customers should not change anything in their email clients.

As far as we can tell, the attack is now over.

I sent an email message to customers about the attack yesterday. If you did not receive the message, you may have set your FHH customer profile to use a domain that is hosted at FHH. So, for example, if your FHH hosting account is for "" and you use "" as your FHH customer profile email address, then FHH may not be able to contact you when there is trouble with the FHH system. It is vital that you do NOT use your FHH-hosted domain as the email address for your customer profile. If your FHH customer profile is configured that way, please change it. Contact me if you would like assistance with that change.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

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